The Cub

Julianna Cameron
Julianna Cameron is a pint-sized junior often called “Ju” with a mid set that can’t be changed. Whether it’s playing the guitar or banging on the drums she does it all with a passion that is easy to see. You can always count on this girl to say what shouldn’t be said but still have the guts to do what should’ve been done in the first place. She lives by the lyrics, “Bold enough to fall flat on my face when I walk as they crawl, slowing down is just a waste of time to let go.” sung by her all time favorite band All Time Low. Julianna has big dreams to be on a the big stage but for now in high school she’s starting her rise to fame by writing for The Cub and just having an amazing time living life with her friends.

Julianna Cameron, Staff Writer

Nov 09, 2011
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Julianna Cameron