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Alexandria Albano
Alexandria Albano, a.k.a BigAl, is the size of an elf and looks like she doesn't belong at LHS. Though she is tiny in size, her voice is booming, whether it be in the chorus classroom or around her friends.  She is addicted to chocolate banana vivvano's from the ever so famous Starbucks and has one almost everyday...its her weakness. She tends to be shy when you first meet her but after awhile you'll learn that she's a very eccentric person and will talk more than she should. Texting is her number one problem , she just can't put down her phone for the life of her...pretty sad isn't it? She loves to read and when she finds a book worth reading, she won't put it down until the last page is read. She's a determined, outgoing, and realistic individual who can be pretty unorganized at times, but will always seem to get right back on track.

Alexandria Albano, Author

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Alexandria Albano