Make no mistake: Seniors will win Winter Spirit Week

Josh Charest, Staff Writer

Yet again, the class of 2014 has won spirit week this fall. It just seems that no one can stop us. At this point I’m wondering why they don’t just make the winning t-shirts blue so we can at least have them in our class color?

 But one thing that does upset me, is that I actually had to worry a bit this year if we were going to be called down to collect our well-deserved prize. The sophomores actually got close to beating us? I don’t know who I am more upset with, the Juniors for letting the sophomores win so many events or us for letting them get so close.

Now I hear they plan to beat us during Winter Spirit week. Let’s not forget that is the week we beat the Seniors and became the first freshman ever to win Deck the Halls. I can’t wait to show the sophomores why we are the best, why we are the champs.

To the sophomores who think they even have a chance this year, it’s time to step aside. It was cute how you guys thought you could face us last spirit week, and I will admit you did give me and a few other seniors a slight scare, but now we know that maybe we actually have to try this time. Yes, I do mean last time we didn’t even try.

So to the sophomores, I will already say nice try, because I already know that when we are standing in 7th period, waiting for Principal Nemeth to make that announcement, all you’re going to hear is this: “And the winner’s of Winter spirit week is…The class of 2014!”