Is senior patrol out of control?

Josh Charest, Staff Writer

The dreaded senior patrol has always been a small but stressful part of any student’s day. We go through a hard enough time at school, and always feel a small tingle of annoyance as we see that once again the hall has come to a standstill because of senior patrol.

I noticed this freshmen year, and have become more and more annoyed as the years go on. The one question that really bugs me is, what’s the point?

Why do we stick a few seniors in certain parts of the hall?

Now usually I notice something after graduation, the halls seem to work just as well with no patrol. I never have to stop and wait, it’s always a smooth and quick walk to class.

I just wonder why the people who set up senior patrol think so low of us? I mean from what I see, they apparently think we can’t walk through the hall without bumping into each other and causing a big hold up.

To prevent us from walking into and hurting each other, they put kids in the important parts of the hall to stop you from walking a certain way. Some even take their job so seriously as to where they will grab you, pull you back, and make you walk the right way. Which I learned a couple years ago.

Basically, I see senior patrol more as constant reminder that some of the staff at Ludlow High believe that we can’t walk in the hall without making some big accident and holding up the entire hall. Glad to know that after last year where we spent an entire week putting on a show for NEASC to be named an “accredited school” and prove how smart we are, we still can’t be trusted to walk the right way in the hall.

It’s time to eliminate senior patrol.