Everyone loves a drug search


Alex Francisco, Sports Editor

Few things can put half of the student body in a simultaneous anxiety attack like a random drug search can. I find it hilarious to watch a select few of my classmates’ faces turn as white as their notebook paper when Nemeth’s voice projects over the intercom announcing a soft lockdown.

The cops bring in the Shepherds and as they pass each classroom people’s hearts drop every time they hear a bark. Those with a view of the parking lot hold their breath as the officers come closer to their vehicles. And when it is all said and done, everyone can’t wait to get out of class and ask: “So who got busted?”

I’m not going to lie. For our most recent search, I sat in O’Connors government class and came up with an infinite list of “students” who I would love to see get slapped with a 45-day suspension.

The only problem is: it never works out that way. It’s always the pretty decent kids who get nailed for having a roach or two in the ashtray. Those deserving of being busted leave their classroom unquestioned and continue to roam the basement with their pills stored safely in their packs of gum.

Right after they run up to their “brethers” to exchange “daps” and ask, “Yo, you Gucci fam?” Then they idiotically brag about how much they just got away with.
Sick dude. Good for you. Thumbs up. Do you want a cookie too? How about some new rosary beads?

Drugs are a huge issue in our school, huge. There’s no reason whatsoever as to why anyone would need to bring them on school grounds. We all know these searches are random, and it just comes down to keeping that in the back of your head when you leave that kind of stuff in your car.

I still just can’t help but feel for the kids who get busted for a little bit of pot, or those who are pulled out of class to have their car or bag searched and embarrassed, even though it turns out that they’re clean.

I understand what “no tolerance means” but come on — a girl with Ibuprofen in her handbag that’s used to alleviate period cramps doesn’t deserve to miss all of her classes to be interrogated and ridiculed.

There’s no doubt in my mind that even the administration knows that the kids being punished aren’t the contributing factor to the drug problem we have. But then again, they have no choice to punish them. They aren’t the bad guys.

The whole thing is just a really sticky situation. Clearly our more serious dilemma is the abuse of pills and cocaine, but unfortunately the idiots who have them don’t get caught.