Valentine’s Day needs an attitude adjustment

Valentines Day needs an attitude adjustment

Siearra Papuga, Feature Editor

According to one legend, Saint Valentine was in love, but unfortunately those who sentenced him to death didn’t believe that was a good enough reason to let him live.

Instead of just leaving his beloved behind, alone with a broken heart, he decided to send her one last love letter.

And it was signed, “Your Valentine.”

Today, we’ve traded love letters for pink heart-shaped Hallmark cards.  None of us are necessarily going to be put to death anytime soon, but we still take the time to call someone our Valentine.  And I find that to be just as romantic as the Saint’s grand gesture.

Unfortunately, some people are blinded with bouquets of roses and daisies and don’t see the true meaning of the holiday, a day fully dedicated to love.

However, I can’t sit here and deny the fact that assorted chocolates and those life-size “I LOVE YOU!” bears don’t up the ante.

Back in Valentine ’s Day, the most heart felt love letter sealed the deal.  But today, we are faced with a pitiful rendition of Valentine’s grand gesture.

My suggestion?  We all play Shakespeare and actually put some consideration into this red and pink dominated holiday.  No more sitting around and complaining how we don’t have boyfriends/girlfriend to give us chocolate and throw some fake “I love you” around.

Valentine’s Day should be real and I am confident in saying that we all have someone on this entire planet that we can say we love.

Just throwing around some examples here, but they do sell “Happy Valentine’s Day Grandma!” cards and I’m sure your best friend wouldn’t mind spending the whole day watching some sort of love movie and eating an endless supply of double chocolate chip ice cream with you.

That should be able to satisfy this “love is in the air!” feeling that has taken over the candy aisle in CVS.

However, if you do have a significant other, let’s get this ball rolling.  Girls, Valentine’s Day is not about your boyfriend selling his arm for a necklace.

And I’m not saying that guys should pull a Romeo and start killing themselves to prove their love.  But I think CVS is starting to cater to a horrible laziness epidemic.  Yes, a mass produced Hallmark “Be Mine” card is considered the easy way out on this holiday, boys.

Take my advice and seize Feb.  14, 2012.  Purchase a repulsive amount of chocolate and watch a romantic comedy and laugh for hours with your best friend, girls.  Take your girl friend to the movies, actually open the car door for her, and mention how much you care about her  through out the night.

Don’t just waste the day, it’s meant to be dedicated to love and happiness.  Don’t shed a gallon of tears or develop a complete hatred of candy hearts.  Make Cupid jealous.

Your Valentine,

Siearra Papuga xoxo