Ludlow High School Prepares For Fall Spirit Week

Homecoming is right around the corner, and with it comes the annual Battle of the Classes.


Rory DiVenuto, Feature Editor

Spirit week — a time for classmates to unite, fight, and (hopefully) prevent the freshmen from winning the Battle of the Classes. The much-awaited week comes just three times a year: in the fall, winter, and spring. This year’s fall fest will run from October 17 through October 21; it will consist of themed outfit days, class competitions, sporting events, homecoming, and a fundraiser. 


The Battle of the Classes


Each year, Ludlow High School holds a Battle of the Classes. This is an opportunity to grow school spirit and create positive class competition. Each class participates in themed dress-up days and interactive competitions. On spirit days, students are called down to the main ramp and tallied based on if they are dressed up. At the end of each spirit week, the class with the most points is announced. Once all three weeks have concluded, the class with the most points is crowned the battle of the class champion. They are rewarded with T-shirts and the ability to paint the lion. 


Fall Fest Set-Up


This year’s fall fest spirit days are as follows:

Monday, October 17: Let’s Glow! Neon Day

Tuesday, October 18: Fall Flannel Day

Wednesday, October 19: Adam Sandler Day

Thursday, October 20: Maroon and White Day

Friday, October 21: Class Color Day 


On Friday, October 21, there will be a football game consisting of a class tent competition and a four-way class tug of war. On Saturday, October 22, the Ludlow High School Cheerleaders will host a homecoming dance at the Ludlow Fish and Game Club. Additionally, throughout the week, clothing donations will be taken in support of the Epilepsy Foundation.


Needless to say, students from all grades are looking forward to bringing on the school spirit.