Seniors dominate Spirit Week

LHS celebrated its first spirit week since the pandemic started in spring 2020


Rory DiVenuto, Staff Writer

Last Monday, September 27, marked the start of fall fest spirit week at Ludlow High School. The week kicked off the school year with events that united students including call-downs, tent decorating, and homecoming dance. 

Monday opened the week with the first theme day, fall flannel. Seniors won first prize on the first day of fall fest. Sophomores took second, while juniors took third place and freshmen took fourth place.

Day two of spirit week brought color into the school with crazy crock and sock day. Seniors were once again victorious (sophomores took second, juniors took third, and freshmen took fourth).

Seniors hit a home run on Wednesday, sports day, taking first place with their athletic apparel. Sophomores took second place, juniors took third, and freshmen took fourth place.

Day four of fall fest week, Seniors took first with their class decked out in blue. Sophomores took second with their class in green. The freshmen overtook the juniors with third place and students wearing purple. Subsequently, juniors took fourth with their class in red.

Day five of spirit week was maroon madness. Seniors ended the week with first place, giving them a top place for all call-downs. Sophomores took second, juniors took third, and freshmen took fourth. 

On Friday night, the football team won their homecoming game 36 to 20 with team captain Mike Sternowski scoring four touchdowns. During halftime, the cheer team performed and a four-way class tug of war was held. Additionally, a tent decorating event was held in which juniors won first for best activities with their frat house (seniors won second place). For the decorating portion of awards, seniors took first place for their Halloween tent, and freshmen took second with a hula-themed tent. “I was very proud of our class,” Jack Favata, freshman class president, said while reflecting on the week, “our tent decorations won second and we beat the juniors on class color day!”

The week came to a close with a homecoming dance hosted by Ms. Bernard and the cheer team. This event was a chance to dress up and reconnect with old friends. It was the first homecoming dance at Ludlow High School in five years. 

In the end, seniors took the week with 33 points for their class, Aidan Robert was crowned top lion. “It was nice,” Aidan said when discussing his win, “it felt like some recognition for the good vibes I work to put out.” Sophomores took second place with 25 points and Alison Kehoe and Hannah Goncalves, taking the spot of top lion. Juniors came in a close third place with 24 points, while Elise Lavell was awarded the spot of top lion. Freshmen ended the week with 12 points and two top lions, Jack Favata and Ester Coelho.