AP Government and U.S History classes go to JFK Library


Gina Orlandi, Feature Editor

On Friday, Dec.13 students enrolled in  AP U.S. Government and Politics and AP U.S. History will pack into two buses and head to Boston to visit the John F. Kennedy Library.  All 88 students, along with 9 chaperons, will spend the day at the library learning more about the iconic political figure of the 1960’s, John F. Kennedy.

According to Brian Bylicki, AP U.S. Government teacher and head of the History Department, the John F. Kennedy library also doubles as a museum centered around the former president.  Students will have the opportunity to watch films, access artifacts, and learn more about the Kennedy family.

Students will have to check in with their assigned chaperon, but other than that they will be able to explore on their own.  With an abundance of opportunities to learn, Bylicki said that “it’s up to the students to take advantage of it.”

Chloe Forrant, a senior studying AP U.S. Government and Politics who also happens to be a library enthusiast, said that she anticipates “looking at all the books and learning more about JFK’s life.  I love libraries so I’m really excited.”

After leaving the library, students will be able to visit Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall for lunch.  The buses will leave at 7:30pm and return at approximately 3pm.