Ludlow High School creates a new mission statement

Haley Buck, Staff Writer

The mission statement of Ludlow High School was changed on Jan. 24 to “The mission of Ludlow High school, with parent and community participation, is to provide a rigorous academic program to develop college bound and career ready young adults. We provide educational opportunities for students to work collaboratively and independently to acquire knowledge, analyze problems, and develop the 21st century skills necessary for making meaningful contributions to the global community. Students promote a safe environment by acting with responsibility, compassion and integrity.”

Starting in October the faculty began a process to create a mission statement that would better fit the expectations of students and the skills they must have to be successful in the 21st century.

The 21st century skills, according to The Partnership for 21st Century Skills, includes critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration, and creativity and innovation.

“In small groups the faculty, along with parents, students, and community members posted their ideas on flip chart paper at a faculty meeting and a small faculty workgroup collated the ideas and wrote a mission statement,” said Principal Lisa Nemeth.

When asked how she felt about the mission statement being changed, English teacher Mrs. Marilyn D’Agostino said she felt “the mission statement was decided on and approved without too much discussion from the faculty.”

The mission statement that was created was placed in a Google document for faculty members to comment on and was  voted on for approval soon after, according to Nemeth.

Along with the new mission statement, an acronym using the word LIONS was created.

Leadership with character

Integrity with compassion


National citizens in a global world

Skills for the 21st century

“Now all curriculum, instruction, and assessment should be aligned with LHS’s new mission statement,” said Nemeth, “New posters and banners are being designed and all students will be made aware of the changes as soon as the banners are ready.”