Senior Show stress kicks off early this year

Juliana Cavallini

“We Will Survive.” Or will we?

Ludlow High’s annual Senior Show is already heading in the “iffy” direction says senior Andria Boland, who’s actively involved in a heavy load of skits.

With students failing off unexpectedly, writers slacking with their scripts, confusion on the theme, and of course all the teenage girls critisizing other groups’ ideas, there’s no telling where this year’s show will go.

“The same thing happens every year. Everyone is freaking out about how it’s so unorganized but somehow the finished product always looks pretty decent,” says senior Greg Santos.

Senior show adviser Meredith Smith is optimistic. Smith states that things are going well so far and that the students have similar ideas so the administrators are advising that they collaborate. Collaboration would be a good solution simply because peer input could be valuable for improving individual skits.

“It’s not always easy to please everyone,” says Smith.

Adviser Natalie Gebo is on the job for her second time.  Gebo thinks this year will be less hectic due to the fact that class of 2011 only had access to the auditorium one week before the show due to the heavy snow that threatened the integrity of the roof.

“Right now we’re just meeting with the students individually,” says Gebo. “I think the group meeting will be more telling to see if everyone will jell together.”

Like Santos said, it’s not uncommon for miscommunication and stress to be prevalent before the show.

“Not everyone is taking the show seriously so we’re missing out on a lot of great ideas,” says senior Stephanie Bryant, add that “I think the show this year is going to be interesting because our class is honestly one of the most creative group of kids I’ve seen in the years I’ve been at LHS.”

This year the show will be held on March 23 and 24 at the Gregory When Auditorium. It will start at 7 p.m.

So, how will the class 2012 handle it this year? Make sure you come watch to find out.