LHS team competes in As Schools Match Wits

LHS team competes in As Schools Match Wits

The “As Schools Match Wits Team” (L to R): Senior Stephen Hensley, Senior Emily Assarian, Senior Marcus Lafayette, Junior Chelsea Johnson, Senior Dan Lipeles, Junior Everette Dec, and team advisor Mr. John O’Connor.

Ernad Minic, Staff Writer

The Ludlow High School “As Schools Match Wits” team competed on Nov. 19 against Taconic High at Westfield State College, but the team is remaining hush on the results until the program is aired on Dec. 24 at 7 p.m. on PBS.

The team is made up of seniors Emily Assarian, Stephen Hensley, Marcus Lafayette, and Daniel Lipeles. Junior alternates are Everett Dec and Chelsea Johnson.

A total of 18 students came out for this year’s exam.

“I solicit recommendations from the members of the faculty, but any student is free to try out,” said Mr. John O’Connor, As Schools Match Wits team advisor.

Students take a very difficult objective exam, which tests their knowledge on a wide variety of topics: math, science, history, English, language, art, music, current events, sports, entertainment, and more.

“The students who score the highest make the team,” said O’Connor.

The game works like Jeopardy. “There’s a board with categories and questions of different point values,” said Lipeles.

The host asks questions, and if an answer is up to interpretation, she refers to one of the judges.

“When our knowledge is combined, we are unstoppable,” said Lipeles.