Library refuses to re-issue “lost” passes

Library refuses to re-issue lost passes

Senior Patrick Roy is upset about the new policy regarding “lost” library passes.

Ernad Minic, Staff Writer

If you’ve lost your library pass and expect to get issued a replacement, think again. Due to students giving their friends passes and then lying to the librarians about “losing” them, Ms. Jamison Hedin will no longer hand out second passes.

“Their friends are using [the passes] to leave the building,” said Ms. Hedin, “and it’s not safe to have that going on.”

Some students are annoyed by the policy.

Senior Patrick Roy said he lost his pass and was turned down when he requested another one. “I was pretty mad,” he said. “I had to come down on a 15-minute pass.”

Another practice that will be stopped is signing a friend’s name on the library sign-in sheet when that individual is not present.

“It’s not fair to the people waiting in line,” said Ms. Hedin. “By the time they get to the front of the line, the sheet is full.”

Ms. Hedin says she is open to ideas and suggestions to how this system may be improved.