Ludlow CARES about preventing bullying

Ludlow CARES about preventing bullying

Senior Katie Kimball signs a banner pledging to do her part to prevent bullying.

Haley Buck, Staff Writer

Ludlow High School took a stand against bullying from Feb. 28 to March 4 which was labeled “Ludlow C.A.R.E.S week.” The purpose of this program was to help make students aware of bullying found within the schools, as well as to help teachers and staff members interact with students in a different way. CARES stands for Compassion, Appreciation, Respect, Educate, and Safety.

Monday was Compassion Day, when students had the opportunity to sign a banner and pledge agreeing to cease bullying and to make a commitment to stand against bullying. Once signed, students received a silicone bracelet emblazoned with a Ludlow C.A.R.E.S logo.

After students took a stand, they were given a bracelet emblazoned with the words, “Ludlow C.A.R.E.S,” a symbol of the group’s strong stance against bullying. At the end of the week the banner was put on display for all to see.

“I think the banner looked really nice and will be a great way to demonstrate all of those who support the school and the hope to help eliminate bullying,” said junior Amanda Hilario

On Tuesday students and faculty donned blue and sat with different people at lunch for “Appreciation Day.” Students also continued to sign the banner.

” It was neat to see how many people really cared, after seeing all of the blue worn by students and faculty for the day,” said senior Brittany Marsden.

Wednesday was “Respect Day.” Students anonymously wrote on blue strips of paper what they would do to help prevent bullying and help other students around the school. Some of the papers read, “Listen to others.” Support others.” And “Help others.”

Thursday was day to reflect on all of the information given during the week about bullying. Each morning during morning announcements during the week, members from the Ludlow High School’s Bully Task Force read aloud various information on bullying and the effects it can have any individual.

“I hope people paid attention to the messages read during the morning. If they did, they had an opportunity to learn a lot about bullying and the affects it has on everyone around you. It only takes one person learning something new, to make a big difference,” said member of the Bully Task Force and junior Alicia Porter.

Friday was “Safety Day.” Ludlow High School along with other schools in Ludlow released six blue balloons — one for each letter of the word “safety.”

Once there the balloons were released, and there was talk of hopes to have another “Ludlow C.A.R.E.S” week next year.

“I think the week went very well given the vacation and snow days. Students and staff were very receptive. I think every week should be Ludlow C.A.R.E.S week,” said Vice Principal Michael Halpin.