Freshman rapper Lee-G gains fan support at LHS


Freshman rapper Lee Gonzales plans on putting out a mixtape by the end of the year.

Stacia Papuga, Staff Writer

Rapping everyday was just a part of me,

only way I could show the main part of me.

You may wonder who wrote these lyrics and for those of you who don’t know him, his name is Lee Gonzalez, also known as Lee-G, a freshman at Ludlow High.

Gonzalez always had a passion to pursue a career as a rapper. Whenever there was something on his mind, he would write it down.

Ever since he was young, one of his main inspirations was Drake. Gonzalez is also inspired by local rapper “Lil Gregger,” Greg Cormier.

“I’m not a gangster, so I don’t rap about drugs,” said Gonzalez. “I rap about life and songs that people can relate to.”

If you have never heard of him, one of his songs is “Dreamin’,” in which he raps I’m living life to the fullest / I’m doing it, Cali dreamin.

He records all these songs in his house. “My mom bought me a lot of equipment,” said Gonzalez. The equipment he has is professional and he even has a mini studio in his basement.

Other than rapping, Gonzalez likes to play basketball, hang out with his friends and focus on school work. Gonzalez’s family is supportive of him rapping, “they absolutely love it.”

But his fan support doesn’t stop at home.

“Lee has great potential and he has a lot of heart for it. I like doing music with him because he’s very complex and has so much passion for it,” says junior Kyle Coelho.

Freshman Sharon Williams is also one of his many fans.
“I like Lee’s music a lot. He has fun with it and talks about the stuff he cares about. If he keeps up the attitude that he has now, maybe someday more people will be listening to his music,” said Williams.
Gonzalez is currently working on a new mixtape called “Cali Dreamin.” There is going to be many different types of songs on it like ones you can, “jam out to and then songs about life that show another side of who I really am,” said Gonzalez.

On Gonzalez’s mixtape, there will be songs featuring Adrian Archuleta and Greg Cormier.

“It will hopefully come out by the end of the year,” said Gonzalez.