Ping Pong Club offers “pick-up” matches

Ping Pong Club offers pick-up matches

Juliana Cavallini, Staff Writer

The LHS Ping Pong Club has been meeting on Wednesday after school in A-wing with organized, “pick-up” style matches.

Mr. Peter Vamosy is the advisor for the club, replacing Mr. Hollington Lee.

“I played ping pong as a kid and found it very enjoyable, ” said Vamosy.

Ping Pong is also known as “table tennis.” The game is played one-on-one or with teams of two on a hard table divided by a low net. Right now, the club contains 10-15 players

One of the players, junior Mike Lavell, is excited about the club. “I don’t do a fall sport and club doesn’t take up a lot of my time,” he says.

Mr. Vamosy claimed that the club hasn’t done any tournaments but they’re most definitely looking forward to it in the future.

The players last Tuesday showed a lot of intensity while playing, but were still able to make if fun.

Ping pong welcomes everyone. No money, uniform, or equipment needed. All you bring is yourself.