The Cub

Bring spirit back to LHS

Alexis Gamache, Editor In Chief

October 3, 2013

When I was younger I wanted nothing more than to come to high school. I would watch TV shows and movies that would glorify the four years that were supposed  to be “the best four years of my life.” I was excited to be treate...

Prom dress controversy

Alex Francisco, Sports Editor

April 26, 2013

Shopping for a prom dress is something that most girls at Ludlow High School take very seriously. They begin searching up to six months before the event to ensure that they find their perfect style and color dress before anyon...

Despite new laws, bullying still prevalent

Faith Bolieau, Staff Writer

March 12, 2013

Today I stepped into my third period English class as I do every day. I set my backpack and sweater down at my desk and took out my wrinkled agenda like I do every day. But today was different. On March 6, 2013, I felt a...

LHS makes wrong changes motivated by NEASC

Lindsey Paradis, Editor-in-Chief

March 11, 2013

Throughout my four years at LHS, I've learned that things are pretty consistent. I’ve become accustomed to each teacher and how they teach. I’m used to the barren white walls and candy apple red lockers. I’m completely...

The importance of starting community service early

Jordan Leal, Editor-in-Chief

March 1, 2013

When Senior year comes around, no matter if you're going to a community college, or an ivy league, you will feel the pressure of getting everything done for college. I think the biggest mistake I made throughout my four years...

Finding the perfect prom dress

Lindsey Paradis, Editor-in-Chief

March 1, 2013

It has become that time of year when almost every girl at LHS is thinking about one thing and one thing only: prom. While the thought of a date might pass through the girl’s mind along with little details such as limo or no...

Valentine’s Day should be a holiday for many not a few

Lindsey Paradis, Editor-In-Chief

February 12, 2013

As soon as the days left of January start to dwindle, grocery and drug stores start to fill their shelves with overstuffed animals, assortments of chocolates, and anything that is a bubblegum pink or rosy red. Department stores...

Swimmers fight for Western Mass competition

Alexis Gamache, News Editor

February 8, 2013

If you’re an athlete at any school you know that Western Mass is the one thing you want to fight for. Beating times, setting records, sure, those are all things you should be proud of. But making it to Western Mass and repr...

Tanning in the winter is a no go

Tanning in the winter is a no go

Chloe Forrant, Editorial Editor

December 20, 2012

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