“A’s” revealing leaves more questions for viewers

As revealing leaves more questions for viewers

“A” talks to an unknown red coat individual.

Lindsey Paradis, A & E Editor

Ever since June 8, 2010 I have been nothing but confused, scared, and on the edge of my seat having a million questions and getting no answers. Yes, I am making a reference to the only show on television that gives you goose bumps and a spine-chilling-heart-racing moment every episode: Pretty Little Liars.

After basically two years of being completely confused and on the edge of my seat waiting to find out the identity of the elusive “A,” I was both excited, anxious, and worried when I heard the ABC Family drama would be uncovering A’s identity Mar. 19.

I know people are thinking, Why would you be worried? This is what we all have been waiting two seasons for! In all honestly I was worried that it would end the second season leaving the audience with no interest in a third season of the series.

Boy, was I wrong. The season finale, the episode that revealed the identity of A, left audiences begging for season three to begin.

The last few episodes leading up to the finale were definitely some of the best episodes yet and gave me high expectations for the finale. The episodes showed the liars getting closer and closer to finding A’s identity through Allie’s old junk. This gave audiences both answers and plenty of creepy moments, but still no confidently correct idea of who A” was.

The finale, unmAsked, was definitely the most captivating episode yet as it was almost impossible to tear your eyes away from the TV screen.

In the beginning of the episode A gives the liars the ultimatum of returning a phone by twelve at the mascaraed mash or deal with one of them leaving in a body bag.

Refusing to give the phone back and determined to find out A’s identity, the girls head to a creepy, old, and ugly motel in the middle of the woods when they found out Allie stayed there, in room one, right before she went missing.

What is even worse is that the girls decide to go to this motel in the dark of night during a storm and stay there with the creepy motel owner. What makes it worse is that Spencer and Aria split from Hannah and Emily, and then Emily inevitably splits from Hannah to take a call from Maya in which she gets no reception. She leaves the door open and gives A the perfect opportunity to creep while Hannah is in the shower.

The whole time I was watching I wanted to scream at them; honestly it’s horror film 101 that when its dark out, you’re in a creepy motel at night, and you have a psycho killer after you, you don’t split up. Anyway the girls surprisingly make it out unscathed.

Up to this point the identity of A is still a complete mystery, and when watching it I’m still bent on either Jenna or Melissa being A.

Then the girls go to the ball and are looking for which masked attendee is A. Instead being attentive though, Aria starts to make out with a masked Ezra, Caleb and Hannah  slow dance, and Emily is conversing with Paige.

During the dance Spencer ends up going back to the motel with Mona, who seemed to be bullied by A also, to check out room two when she realizes Allie wasn’t hiding from A, she was spying on A. Room two ends up being A’s lair that is decked out in creepy dolls and photos of Allie and the liars.

While there Spencer finally uncovers who A really is… Mona. Yes, the girl she is stuck in a hotel room with is a psycho.

Then Mona knocks Spencer out and drags her to the car in which she is now going a million miles per hour. Then she gives Spencer an ultimatum: you can join team “A” or die. All the time though Spencer is secretly video chatting the other liars and tips them off to their location.

In the end the liars get to Spencer just in time and Mona falls off a cliff, but she lives. Then Dr. Sullivan joins and the liars all have a reunion while crying their eyes out.

Later the liars and Dr. Sullivan are peering in on Mona who is being held at the police station while her diagnosis is being discussed. In the end Dr. Sullivan says with some therapy and medication she will get better in time. What makes that statement totally unbelievable though is Mona’s thoughts that are being projected. “I know they’re watching me. I don’t look bad considering. I like this lipstick. What’s it called, toffee tango? They think it’s over. Loser Mona is going to the nuthouse and those precious liars are going home to sleep with their windows open and doors unlocked. Don’t they know that’s what we want?”

When leaving the police station Spencer and Toby reunite. What is even bigger though is that the girls watch as Maya’s dead body is being carted away.

That’s not even the big ending though. The last scene is Mona in the nuthouse saying “I did everything you asked me too” to a red coated visitor.

So is Mona A? I’m still not sure, and you can tell by how many of LHS student’s Facebook posts about the episode they are confused about A’s identity too. The thing I’m considering is if Mona is part of a team. At the dance there was a meeting of three skeptical characters; Jenna, Lucas, and a mysterious unknown black swan. Jenna and Lucas have given viewers every right to suspect them as Allie hurt both of them, while this black swan’s costume design was found by Spencer in A’s hideout and was eluded to be Melissa.

Ah yes, Melissa who keeps getting creepier by the second. Not only is the spawn of the creepy Ian in her stomach, she was kissing  Garret who seems to be part of the A team, right before he got arrested for the murder of Allie. She sent threatening texts to Allie, she was part of the NAT gang, she definitely knows more than everyone thinks she does, and she is smart enough to be a mastermind.

The season finale has left viewers with more questions then they previously had. Did Maya overdose or was she murdered? So is there a “Team A” or just “A” singular? And if “A” is only a single entity what are all the other creepy character’s role in all of this chaos?  And lastly is “A” Allie’s killer or just  a stalking cyber bully who follows through on some serious threats?